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5 Reasons to Sell Your House NOW

by James Gurulé, Affiliate Broker

The Garrett Company

“We love our house and will never sell it."

“We need more space because we all work from home because of the pandemic." 

“We have too much space now with the kids in college and need to downsize."

These are the phrases we hear every day in our work helping people with their real estate decisions. Your home is your most important investment and beyond that, it is the place where you make memories and enjoy the life you have created. We get that. Our role in providing real estate services is to help you understand the opportunities and options that are available if you decide, or to help you to decide, to sell your home.

Here are 5 Reasons to Sell Your House NOW!

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1. You Have Equity. If you have owned your home for more than 5 years you likely are sitting on a tidy sum. In Williamson County Tennessee, property values have risen by more than 12% in the last three years alone. This equity combined with low interest rates means you have significant buying power for your new dream home.

2. It’s a Sellers Market. These days the inventory on hand is low. In Franklin TN, it's averaging 4 months. That means if there were no net new listings all the houses currently listed would be sold in 4 months’ time. The value to you in this scenario is there is more competition from buyers which leads to closing at a higher percentage of your list price.

3. Interest Rates are at an all-time historic low! This helps you in two ways:

  • More buyers can afford to buy your house
  • Moving from a higher interest rate to a lower one increases your buying power for your new home significantly

4. Escape from New York and California. We are seeing a steady stream of people relocating from high tax states into Williamson County TN. The quality of life here is fantastic. No income tax, great schools, incredible entertainment options and a friendly small-town feel. All a short distance from Music City – Nashville and an International Airport.

5. Space Invaders. With the onset of a global pandemic more and more people are suffering from a lack of adequate space to work from. Many with both spouses working from home and children homeschooling or attending virtual classrooms. The combination of your equity and low interest rates allows you the chance to rethink home layout and space. Whether it is a home with a large yard, a pool, more usable room, and separation for 2 home offices, the options are there. Times are changing but working from home is here to stay.

We are living in unprecedented times. Speaking for my own family I can say we have never been so reliant on the quality of life at home than we have been this year. We love our life in Franklin and encourage you to consider moving here. If you are already here you know what I mean, let us help you to understand the value of your house. We would be happy to offer a free consultation.

At The Garrett Company, we focus on delivering the highest level of real estate brokerage services to our clients. We emphasize quality over quantity - we're small on purpose.

Let's talk about the reasons for selling YOUR house. Contact me at 615-664-7110 (cell) or

James Gurulé, Affiliate Broker

The Garrett Company